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The Dutch Council for Refugees protects the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and helps them in building a new life in the Netherlands.

Approximately 14.000 volunteers and several hundred paid staff spread across the country and at the National Office in Amsterdam are committed to this every day. The Dutch Council for Refugees is the biggest advocate for refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Our lobby and advocacy work is aimed at the national and local government, politics, (national) organizations and the general public. In addition to our work as a representative of their collective interests, the Dutch Council personally assists refugees during their asylum procedure and we support them in the process of integration in the Netherlands.

Independent advocacy project manager

16-20h per week

The Advocacy Department (approx. 15 employees) acts as a national representative for asylum seekers and refugees. The department contributes to refugee protection in the Netherlands and beyond by lobbying policymakers and politicians, press information and international cooperation. When possible, we collaborate in national, European and international coalitions. Since national asylum law is based on European asylum policy, we closely follow the European developments in our working field. Decisions ‘made in Brussels’ directly impacts the lives of refugees in the Netherlands and need a strong response and collective action. In order to expand our work at the European level, the department is looking for an independent advocacy/campaign project manger.

Description of context

The rights of refugees and migrants at European soil are under attack, exemplified by violent pushbacks by EU member states and the containment policy and detention of asylum-seekers in inhumane camps and large detention centres at the EU borders. The launch of the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum in September 2020 so far has not been effective in tackling fundamental rights abuses. The lack of solidarity between member states and an effective mechanism to fairly distribute asylum seekers is one of the most contentious points in the negotiations on the EU Pact

The Dutch Council for Refugees, together with other (national/ European) refugee and aid organisations within the EU, want to change and rebalance this narrative: to create a humane and effective common European asylum policy we need solidarity in practice and fair ‘burden’-sharing. While the violent push backs, containment policies and the construction of detention centres require immediate and strong opposition as they are flagrant breaches of international and European (refugee) law and conventions, we believe that a long term solution can only be found in regulated relocation within the EU based on the value of solidarity.

We believe that a strong, joint lobby effort with like-minded refugee and aid-organisations on the topic of solidarity and fair burden sharing is needed to ensure that relocation becomes a priority in EU asylum policy, shifting the focus from repression to solidarity with refugees and among member-states across Europe

Part of our lobby on heads of government and EU institutions like the European Commission and European Parliament we want to make a plan for a public campaign on the need for solidarity and relocation within European Asylum policies

What are we looking for?

For the coordination of the advocacy on relocation/ solidarity in EU asylum policy we are looking for an advocacy  project manager who in the 1st phase can coordinate and build the EU NGO network on relocation, organise meetings with stakeholders and EU institutions and develop a joint EU advocacy strategy on solidarity and relocation within EU asylum policy. You will be closely working with DCR’s policy and advocacy officer on European asylum affairs.

Depending on the outcome of the 1st phase, we can decide to start with the 2nd phase in which an EU campaign will be executed in each national context of the participating countries.

Freelance – 16 h-20h per week (average), starting from January 1, 2022. The 1st is for 4 months, and the 2nd is for 8 months, which will start after the 1st phase has been finalized successfully.

  • preferably Brussels based
  • in-depth knowledge on EU lobbying in the field of asylum and migration
  • strong communication and networking skills

Tasks and responsibilities

Build and maintain partnerships 1st phase

  • coordinate, build and maintain a network with (current) NGO’s (national EU refugee organisations, EU aid organisations) on the topic of relocation/solidarity within EU asylum policy;
  • organise meetings with the NGO network to set up a lobby-plan based on a joint/shared message. One of the key asks is the instalment of an EU relocation coordinator within the European Commission;
  • organise meetings with EU and UN institutions like EASO, UNHCR, IOM to build and strengthen our strategy;
  • (preparations for the) organisation of a high level meeting with members of European Parliament, stakeholders within the European Commission and other relevant institutions with the NGO-network on relocation/ a solidarity mechanism/reform of ‘Dublin’ (possibly to be executed this in phase 2)

Develop a common campaign on solidarity and relocation 2nd phase

  • Prepare, review and/or coordinate substantive documents/reports; presentations, and other advocacy materials for a campaign strategy
  • Prepare a joint campaign strategy that can be adapted to national NGO’s and coordinate the development of materials;
  • Coordinate a communications plan with communication experts from the broader network;
  • Ensure adequate monitoring and reporting of advocacy/campaign results.

What we offer

A pleasant collaboration in an organization that combines idealism and professionalism. You will receive a part-time consultancy agreement for the duration of 4 months, with a possible extension of 8 months. The fee will be discussed.

Are you interested

Please send your CV and a short motivation before the 16th of December 2021 to Kirsten van der Plas via the ‘Direct Solliciteren’ button on this page, stating the assignment. Information about the position can be obtained with Femke de Vries, Advocacy Officer Europe, telephone  +31641469166

The Dutch Council for Refugees aims to employ more refugees. Refugees are therefore explicitly invited to apply.

Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland


VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Surinameplein 122, Amsterdam, NH, Nederland

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Surinameplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Independent advocacy project manager

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