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DOB Ecology

DOB Ecology supports programmes that focus on forests and wetlands, in Africa and South America.

We work on four main themes:

  1. Restoration of threatened and damaged ecosystems;
  2. Conservation to protect biodiversity, including the connection of fragmented habitats;
  3. Innovation that supports the development of knowledge and new ways to analyse and share information and data;
  4. The connection with local communities and their participation.

At the core these ecological activities are to preserve, manage, recover, and make wise use of biodiversity. This includes the prevention of the further deterioration or collapse of ecosystems, formulating solutions to address extinctions and fragmented habitats, reverse biodiversity loss, make use sustainable, and restore the resilience of threatened and vulnerable ecosystems.

DOB Ecology acknowledges that the interplay between human and natural systems is extraordinarily complex. While the quantity of data is rapidly increasing, its quality or usefulness is often difficult to determine or interpret. To address this, DOB Ecology will support the development of new knowledge and news ways to gather, understand and analyse information and data – and work closely with scientists right from the start.

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DOB Ecology

DOB Ecology, IJsseldijk 1, 8194 LA Veessen, The Netherlands

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