Heli Dungler, 1963-2020

It is with great shock and sadness that we heard today about the sudden death of Heli Dungler, CEO of FOUR PAWS, our Board member and lifelong animal advocate. Eurogroup for Animals expresses its sincere condolences to Heli’s family and colleagues. Heli was an inspiration for Eurogroup for Animals’ network of organisations fighting for a […]

EU fisheries ministers ignore science and approve overfishing in 2020

EU fisheries ministers have again agreed to overfish several species, including cod. This will make it impossible for the EU to achieve the goals it has set for 2020: to reduce unwanted catch mortality, especially for vulnerable marine species, and to ensure that all fishing activities are harvesting fish stocks sustainably.  At the annual AGRIFISH […]

Amber light for animal welfare in the Green Deal

Photo: Omar Calderone Eurogroup for Animals is pleased to see that the proposed European Green Deal, which was revealed today, concedes that stricter standards are needed for farm animal welfare and identifies potential opportunities to tackle biodiversity loss and threats to wildlife. Now, though, we’d like to see specific information and ambitious proposals on how […]

Imported horse meat from Canada puts EU consumers at risk

Photo: © Animal Welfare Foundation / Animals’ Angels USA An audit published by the EU Commission has found that Canadian slaughterhouses do not comply with EU rules on traceability, implying a risk for public health.  The EU’s DG Health and Food Safety’s audit on Canadian horse meat production systems concludes that traceability of the horses […]

More than 160 organisations call on the new EU leaders to end caged farming

Photo: © Andrew Skowron/Otwarte Klatki An open letter co-signed by organisations from all across Europe is calling on the new EU Commissioners to end the use of cages in farming. Today, more than 160 organisations, representing the views of over one million people, have called on new European Union leaders to make sure that the […]

MEPs call on the Commission for a phase-out strategy for animals in science

At an event yesterday that aimed to define concrete steps for a transition to animal-free science, the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals launched a declaration calling on the European Commission to establish a concrete strategy with targets to phase out the use of animals in specific areas of research, education, and testing. […]

The new Commission must mark a new chapter for animals

Photo © Patrick Seeger/EPA As the von der Leyen Commission begins its first working week in office, Eurogroup for Animals looks forward to the new term ahead and to working with several of the new Commissioners to give animals across our Union a good life. Despite the many surveys and questionnaires that have demonstrated that […]