Brexit: EP says no full access for Great Britain if animal welfare is not protected

Photo: Taylor Ruecker Last Wednesday, the European Parliament adopted its resolution commenting on the EU’s mandate for the coming EU-UK trade negotiations, reminding the Commission of the importance of ensuring a level playing field when it comes to animal welfare standards. On 3 February, the European Commission published a draft negotiating mandate for the EU-UK […]

Investigation into fate of cattle and unweaned calves reconfirms urgent need to revise EU law

Photo credits: Animal Welfare Foundation / Animals International Investigations have once again uncovered violations that inflict unnecessary suffering on animals being transported alive, despite after the entry into force of the EU Transport Regulation. Animals International (AI) and the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) have revealed the fate of 30 breeding cattle that left Bavaria and […]

The European Parliament is standing up for pets – the Commission must follow

Photo: Vier Pfoten On 12 February the European Parliament, with 97% of votes in favour, called on the European Commission to establish a mandatory EU system for registration of cats and dogs, better regulating online sales and improved law enforcement, declaring its firm opposition of the illegal pet trade.  With 607 votes in favour out […]

European Parliament calls for EU and Vietnam to work on animal welfare

Photo: Ted’s photos Today the European Parliament approved the free trade agreement (FTA) between the EU and Vietnam.  While Eurogroup for Animals welcomes the call made by the EP to “make full use of [the animal welfare provisions]” in the agreement, their language remains weak, and the agreement may open the way to an increase […]

EC reports show more work is needed to reduce the use and suffering of animals in science

Reports released today by the European Commission show that the fast progress towards humane, animal-free research that citizens expect is not being made.  Not only that, but many Member States need to make significant improvements in the way they are implementing and enforcing the requirements of Directive 2010/63/EU on the use of animals in science. […]

Germany grasps the nettle: labelling matters

Photo: Nicolas Castez An EU-level animal welfare labelling scheme that would inform consumers about the welfare of animals during food production was proposed by Germany at yesterday’s AGRIFISH Council meeting. Whilst the precise standards of any such label were not fleshed out, Eurogroup for Animals welcomes this acknowledgement that any effort to make the EU’s […]

EP’s Resolution on Green Deal asks for better animal welfare

Photo: Thomas Bonometti Last week, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution to spell out what it wants to see from the European Commission in the coming term. Parliament was unanimous about the parts of the Resolution that concern animal welfare, showing a consensus between political groups for more action for animals in line with the […]

EFSA concludes conventional rabbit cages have worst welfare score

Photo credit: ©Essere Animali Today the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published three scientific opinions on the welfare of rabbits kept in the EU for meat consumption. The conclusions show the need for the European Commission to use this scientific evidence to enact long overdue legislation for rabbits and end caged systems. At the […]